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  • How Many Sites Are Still Running Third Party Cookies?

    The cookies are dying! Run for the hills! Save yourselves! Third party cookies (3PCs) are one of the most covered topics in digital marketing right now, yet somehow still remain one of the most confusing. Let’s start with some quick facts: Chrome is the only major browser that doesn’t heavily restrict 3P cookies already. Google […]

  • Outsider Thinking and the Age of AI


    by Jason Packer with contributions from Juliana Jackson People in our field of analytics come from lots of different backgrounds. It’s such a common trope that we don’t generally think about this fact. Sometimes, people regret this, like, “Oh, I wish I had started in analytics earlier in my career so I knew more about […]

  • How Many People Use Incognito Mode?


    Private browsing modes have been around in browsers since Safari 2.0 in 2005, but are topic of interest again among analysts as browsers in general — and Safari especially — have started enforcing more tracking protections when users are in Private Mode. With Safari 17, users in Private Mode may simply disappear from your analytics. […]