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  • How Many Sites Run Ads.txt (so far..)?


    The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) has recently released a standard to help fight ad fraud: ads.txt. Announced in May and official as of June, this new standard is a simple and elegant attempt to solve the problem of fraudulent publisher inventory. This is the problem of fraud sites masquerading themselves as legitimate sites for the […]

  • Improving Analytics Integrity

    The data quality in web analytics reports has long been a point of concern for analysts. These days we’re dealing with Google Analytics spammers, bots, and other noise in our reports, but the idea that web analytics reports are “just not quite right” has long been considered the norm. One of the reasons for this lack of […]

  • How Many Users Block Google Analytics, Measured in Google Analytics

    June 2016 update at end of article (TL;DR — blocking levels have gotten a little higher, likely due to Samsung allowing blocking) There’s now a significant number of users that use ad-blockers, estimated at about 15% in the US (according to PageFair), and that number grew quickly in 2015. Extensions like AdBlock Plus, NoScript, and Ghostery are incredibly popular […]