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  • Will Making Your Site Faster Really Lead To More Revenue?


    When considering any sort of site speed optimization effort, the big question is “will this actually help the bottom line?”. Those of us that enjoy site speed optimization (yes, we exist) might say that you should always just be making the site faster — make it as fast as you can! But we know there’s […]

  • When Should I Filter My Google Analytics Traffic?

    Is this 728 x 90? Then click it, human!

    If you’re running a GA account with anything much beyond the defaults, you probably have some kind of traffic exclusion filters on — I know I usually do! Do you have an unfiltered view that has no filters at all? If so, do you ever look in there? And when you do find some kind […]

  • Supporting Do Not Track in Google Analytics


    I’ve long been a proponent of the “Do Not Track” (DNT) browser setting, including writing an article a few years ago on how to track how many users have DNT turned on. DNT is a simple signal sent in the header of all HTTP requests indicating that a user doesn’t want to be tracked. No […]