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  • On Remote Working and Productivity: My Half-Remote Year

    Thinking Ahead

    It was surprisingly cold for April in Belgrade; later that week there would be sleet. I would’ve put on a heavier jacket or hat, but I didn’t have one. In fact I didn’t have any other clothes at all aside from the ones I was wearing, which I had been wearing for the last three […]

  • When Does Google Analytics Finish Processing Data?


    There are a few questions that frequently come up in Google Analytics with respect to data processing: 1. “When will my data show up in GA”? 2. “When is yesterday’s data complete in GA”? 3. “Can I edit or remove data in GA?” And finally a slightly less commonly-asked question I am also looking to […]

  • How Many Sites Run Ads.txt (so far..)?


    The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) has recently released a standard to help fight ad fraud: ads.txt. Announced in May and official as of June, this new standard is a simple and elegant attempt to solve the problem of fraudulent publisher inventory. This is the problem of fraud sites masquerading themselves as legitimate sites for the […]