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How Secure is WordPress?

Let’s face it, WordPress is a big target for hackers. It’s used by a huge number of sites, powering > 20% of all websites by many estimates. Builtwith reports 20% of their sample of 1.7M sites use WordPress, including 11% of the top 10k sites. Anyway you slice it — that’s a lot of sites, and […]

How Much is an Assisted Conversion Worth?

Recently while looking at some AdWords conversion data a friend and I were discussing how to present acquisition costs to a client. We knew that PPC was contributing more than just what was showing in the basic Google Analytics reports, but weren’t sure what the best way to present the value assisted conversions to the […]


Does SSL Affect SEO?

Update 8/7/2014: Google has now announced HTTPS is a ranking factor! Only a month after my original article below! Does that mean that the “not yet” I describe below has now happened and you’re missing out if you don’t switch?? No, not really. The advice below is still valid and the weight of this ranking factor […]

mod_php Apache Memory Usage

For me, one of the most rewarding things in systems architecture is taking something that is slow and laggy and making it way faster. Seeing an HTML call drop from 800ms to 200ms is probably a lot more exciting than really it should be. But there’s real danger in just “optimizing everything” without real knowledge […]

Do I Need a CDN?

When creating and launching a new site, the question of whether to use a CDN (content delivery network) and which one to use will inevitably come up. So we’re going to try and identify the different ways in which a CDN can be used, and when you really need one. What is a CDN? We’re […]

Google Analytics Sampling

If you’re dealing with a high traffic site or doing reports in Google Analytics over long periods of time you may have run into report sampling. Y’know, the yellow box: To me there’s 3 obvious questions when you see it: 1. Why is it happening? 2. What can I do about it? 3. Is it […]