Quantable is a small consulting company providing personalized attention to your data challenges.

We have a uniquely broad base of technical knowledge: from devops to web development to UI/UX. We work to understand your product and give tailored, actionable advice — not just a checklist of best practices.

Quantable was founded in 2012, first focusing on web development and SEO before eventually migrating to data analytics and architecture.

Jason Packer (LinkedIn) is Quantable’s owner and principal consultant. Jason has over 20 years experience architecting, developing, and optimizing websites of all sizes.





Andrew Packer (LinkedIn) is Quantable’s analytics developer & consultant. Andrew has been doing web development for over 10 years and brings strong UI/UX skills to all of our analytics and optimization projects.





Please contact us at: jason [at] quantable [dot] com to talk about your project!