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Improving Analytics Integrity

The data quality in web analytics reports has long been a point of concern for analysts. These days we’re dealing with Google Analytics spammers, bots, and other noise in our reports, but the idea that web analytics reports are “just not quite right” has long been considered the norm. One of the reasons for this lack of […]

How Many Users Block Google Analytics, Measured in Google Analytics

December 2017 update (blocking levels down some). June 2016 update (blocking levels a little higher). There’s now a significant number of users that use ad-blockers, estimated at about 15% in the US (according to PageFair), and that number grew quickly in 2015. Extensions like AdBlock Plus, NoScript, and Ghostery are incredibly popular (#1, #4, and #6 amongst the […]

Google Analytics Referral Spam Filter Wizard

If you have a Google Analytics account you’ve probably recently been frustrated  by the amount of spam showing up with bogus referrers, events, and other junk data. Referral spam in web analytics reports has been around for a long time, but it only started showing up in Google around the end of 2014. Google is working on […]


A Forensic Guide to WordPress Hack Cleanup

So you’ve been hacked, now what?? In my last post on WordPress security, “How Secure is WordPress“, I suggested hiring a professional ASAP when you’ve been hacked. I’m sticking with that advice — especially if your site is important to your business, better to let someone that has experience cleaning up these kind of messes take care […]