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Outsider Thinking and the Age of AI

by Jason Packer with contributions from Juliana Jackson People in our field of analytics come from lots of different backgrounds. It’s such a common trope that we don’t generally think about this fact. Sometimes, people regret this, like, “Oh, I wish I had started in analytics earlier in my career so I knew more about […]

Google Analytics Alternatives book cover

On Self-Publishing My Analytics Book

Me: “Can you give me any advice on self-publishing?” Paul: “So — have you written the book yet?” Me: “Umm, yea.” Paul: “Well, there goes my biggest piece of advice.” I had this conversation with my good friend Paul back in September of 2022, when I was trying to figure out how to turn my […]

90's computing

A Startup Post-Mortem, Twenty-Five Years Later

Let’s set the scene. It’s July 1996, and I’m holed up in a small Michigan Avenue office psyching myself up for my first ever internet startup all-nighter. I’m a college student working for a small company that does online restaurant reservations in Chicago; un-creatively yet descriptively called “Reservations On-Line”. It’s 8 or 9pm, I’ve filled […]