Google Analytics Referral Spam Filter Wizard

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This can insert up to 4 kinds of filters into the views you choose:
  1. A filter that includes calls from your hostname whitelist alone.
  2. A filter that blocks the known junk that gets by the hostname filter.
  3. A filter that excludes invalid languages.
  4. If selected, a filter that excludes traffic from likely bot sources (like Amazon Web Services).
Step 1/3 (Authenticate)
There are 3 steps:
  1. Authenticate your Google Account.
  2. Select the view/profile(s) to add the spam filters to.
  3. Select hostnames to add to allowed whitelist.
Authenticate With Google »
If you have a lot of views in your account this first step could take a minute.

Filter list was last modified: June 10, 2019, added

We do not store any of your information, if you want to update the filters in the future come back and go through the process again and the existing filters will be updated.