Terms & Privacy

We do normal website stuff on this site: set cookies, run Google Analytics, keep web server log files, use modern TLS certificates, etc. You can tell more about what those are and do by looking at what the page loads and checking out those service’s policies than reading this if you’re into that sort of thing (which is cool, we’re into that too).

We run web-based experiments from time-to-time. We don’t run them on the this site, and we always do our best to protect the privacy of any users in those experiments. This site tends to get our bleeding edge analytics implementation, but no invasive tests or anything like that.

We sometimes run free services on this site like the Google Spam Filter service and potentially others. We’ll do our best to disclose if & when we store any of your information. We aren’t looking to store any of your info if we can help it and we will never sell any info about you that we do have.

We support Do Not Track in our Google Analytics setup as described here.

Most recently updated June 18, 2018 with the DNT support info.